We produce secure branded stationery incorporating patented production processess to integrate secure technologies to give an excellent presentation of the brand name and logo on a comprehensive product range.

Secure Stationery Solutions for business...

Parking Products and Services

We offer a full range of stationery products utilising secure technologies.

PCN Carriers

PCN carriers have the multiple tasks of protecting the ticket from the elements, improving collection rates and reducing loss and appeals through providing clear information to offenders. The carrier also presents a clear recognisable corporate image.

Scratch Card Permits

Scratch cards compliment permit schemes by offering a secure temporary permit to park. Under certain circumstances scratch cards can replace meters and machines. Localised parking schemes in retail areas can prove effective. The image of the council can be enhanced. Secure Media can build on its experience gained in many local authorities and can offer full management and collection schemes tailored to local circumstances.

Parking Permits

We offer a full range of A4 secure parking permits, provided on laser compatible sheets, suitable for all software systems. We can number, foil, hologram and design your permit to provide a tailored solution to your own requirements.

Pay and Display

We are able to supply all forms of pay and display tickets, thermal, card or paper, with or without self adhesive backing or tear off reminder slips. We also supply a full range of pay on foot tickets with or without a magnetic stripe.

Thermal Ticket Rolls

With a range of printer options available it is vital to find a supplier capable of understanding thermal technology. Different sizes, layouts, thermal paper grades and TOF (Top of form) marks all contribute to getting the best out of expensive thermal printers. Secure Media can supply thermal ticket rolls, numbered or un-numbered for all makes of printers to full manufacturer specifications. Our thermal papers are suitable for bar code printing and scanning.

Hand Written Tickets

Many authorities still find it convenient to use hand written or manual tickets. Secure Media can produce all styles with the added security of modulus numbering to aid input and collection. The tickets can be used in conjunction with any of the Secure Media carriers for back up tickets or their main issue. Combined Written Tickets offer an integrated solution with Civil Enforcement Officers copy flysheet and a sealed weatherproofed ticket contained within a carrier (which can incorporate a return envelope if required). As Secure Media number all of their tickets offline, they guarantee no missing numbers and that all used ticket numbers will match the CEO’s copy.

Transactional Data - Personalisation and mailing

As organisations develop areas of their operation, they need to make decisions about whether to invest in new equipment and people or find a partner who already has the expertise and capability to do the job professionally on their behalf. Secure Media, a leader in the supply of parking enforcement products and services, has managed the printing and distribution of personalised enforcement stationery for over 15 years and offers a true partnership to councils and businesses of all sizes. Equipped with the latest technology to import data files and convert data on your behalf into a seamless administrative workflow, a partnership with Secure Media allows you to concentrate your resources on your core business.


We offer a full assortment of technologies available today.

Signs and Lines

Systems for controlling traffic and producing information to drivers and pedestrians are growing in complexity. Clear signs and lines form a crucial part of all parking operations and Secure Media are able to offer a complete signage and line marking solution from conception and site survey to installation when required. Purchase of quality signs can be on an ad hoc basis or integrated into a management system Signs conform to all quality standards and Highways Agency requirements Signs produced on a variety of substrates including:

  • Vinyl
  • Highway grade aluminium Steel, GRP Rigid plastic sheets
  • As part of a full management service, we can offer:
  • Storage and distribution to multiple sites
  • A full reporting system covering cost, usage and stock levels

  • ISO9001 and 14001 Registered
  • National coverage
  • Park Mark Safer Parking signage available
  • Line Marking
  • UK wide coverage
  • Site survey
  • New layout design and marking
  • All work covered by stringent Health and Safety standards
  • Competitive prices
  • Guaranteed timescales

Security Products and Services

We offer a full range of special effects and finishes across all of the technologies available.

Security Permits and Licences

Our range includes plastic permits, scratch cards and paper based permits which can be supplied as part of an A4 sheet for personalisation or alternatively as singles or in books. Plastic permit holders to display the permits are available from stock. Permits can be produced with an optional adhesive laminated carrier sheet to allow the permit to attach to the vehicle windscreen.

  • Parking permits
  • Visitor permits
  • Taxi licences
  • Waste disposal permits
  • Park and Ride permits
  • Bus passes

Security Vouchers

We supply vouchers which have either an intrinsic or face value. We are able to offer a range of protective measures to suit all budgets.

  • Gift vouchers
  • School clothing vouchers
  • Retail vouchers
  • Concessionary fares vouchers

Tickets and Invitations

Introducing our ticket design and printing service - our range of printed tickets and invitations encompasses both thermal and traditional security papers. Additional security features may be added appropriate to the face value of the product.

  • Theatre tickets
  • Event tickets
  • Graduation ball tickets
  • Sports ground tickets e.g. football and cricket clubs

Pressure Seal and Data Mailers

Offering the UK’s most advanced range of pressure seal and data mailers, with patented features to enhance the confidential printed image and protect the information within. Compatibility with your pressure seal equipment is guaranteed.

  • Hand Seal Pressure Seal
  • Invoice / Statements
  • Housing repair feedback questionnaires
  • Cheques, Payroll stationery & P60s

ANPR Forms

Forms for automatic number plate recognition. We are able with our manufacturing capabilities to offer an optional attached pouch on each ticket to allow for the enclosure of drivers' licence or other documentation.

ASBO Forms

In Scotland these forms do a similar job to Juvenile Penalty Notice of Disorder in England. Clear, well designed forms allow swift issuing of the document and Secure Media works with Scottish Police Forces to ensure they get the best out of the documents.

Fixed Penalty Notices

Fixed Penalty Notice Pads: The non-endorsable pad allows for easy storage and simple ticketing. All these tickets are offered with modulus or other security numbering facilities. Fixed Penalty Notice with Bags: This ticket can be offered with an integrated sealed weatherproof facility. The officer keeps the top copy whilst the ticket is pre-sealed in a bag, preventing incorrect issue and eliminates damage to the ticket by the elements.

Roadside Deposit Tickets

A new well designed multipart form covering a number of offences with different levels of fixed penalty.

Vehicle Defect Forms

The VDRS/HORTI forms are a multi-purpose ticket up to date with all the current legislation.

Photo Evidence Wallets

Photo evidence wallets offer an integrated form with a sturdy envelope for the proper protection and recording of photographic evidence.

Specialist Forms

Our strength lies in the design and manufacture of forms which need enhancements e.g selective transcription, desensitisation, modulus numbering, barcoding, integrated pockets/labels, laminating or encapsulation, Membership documentation.

  • Multipart transportation sets
  • Police Fixed Penalty Notices
  • Local Authority Civil Enforcement Forms
  • OCR and Micr readable forms

Digital Printing and Mailing Operation

Secure Media’s Digital Print and Mailing Operation sends out thousands of items per night including mail shots, transactional documents and parking tickets. Secure Media provides:

  • The bespoke design and printing of all documents and mailings on one site
  • The print management and storage of the appropriate forms
  • The individual personalisation of all data
  • The incorporation of colour digital photographs
  • The inserting and enveloping of the documentation
  • The distribution management
    Benefits of the service:
  • Same day despatch of documentation
  • Full audit trail
  • No investment necessary by the client in latest technology
  • Modern digital printing and mailing operation
  • Peace of mind
    Secure Media technology includes:
  • Networked IT system (PC and Mac)
  • Planet Press
  • Encryption system
  • ADSL and Fibre
  • Personalisation and photograph insertion
  • Various folding and finishing machines

Police Products and Services

We offer a full range of special effects and finishes across all of the technologies available.

Endorsable/Non Endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices

This ticket with modulus numbering is designed to the bespoke requirements of each force. We are able to offer help in design based on years of experience or replicate your existing tickets.

Stop and Search Forms

These forms need to contain enough information for valuable monitoring purposes whilst remaining simple and easy to fill in so as to avoid diverting valuable police time into paperwork. The design team at Secure Media will work with you to ensure you get the balance right.

Digital Products and Services

We offer a full range of digital technologies.

Digital Print

High quality digital printing for short runs, targeted mailings and flexibility produced in a secure digital production unit.

  • Large format posters for exhibitions and displays
  • High speed B&W duplex A3 laser
  • Full litho colour capability
  • No minimum run length
  • Digital business cards
  • Full mailing service from conception and design to fulfilment


Books are numbered and each page is linked to its unique book number to prevent evidence tampering. The books have been designed to compliment scanning processes and allow for easy electronic searches.

NHS Products

Secure Media Sevices currently print specialist forms for the NHS as well as providing mailing services for GP Practices. With the NHS economic climate as it is GP practices are being asked to make major cost savings each year. Secure Media have N3 Connectivity, a full data protection policy and are registered with the ICO. This means we are able to maintain an effective information management system, ensuring data security at all times. We also hold full ISO 9001 quality registration. By using our confidential mailing services GPs can achieve 100% accuracy on mailings of health screening letters or individual letters to patients. We can consolidate and discount postage charges, reduce costs and speed up mailings whilst freeing up valuable resources within GP practices.

We offer mailing services for:

  • 40yr-74yr NHS healthcare letters
  • Flu vaccination letters
  • Cervical smear test letters
  • Heart disease review letters
  • Mammography letters